Frequently asked questions

A backwater valve is a mechanical device installed on your sanitary and/or storm drainage system to prevent sanitary/storm sewage from backing up into your basement.

A backflow prevention device is utilized on the domestic water supply in order to prevent the reversal of water flow from its normal flow pattern. This means a flow of water from a private water system i.e. mechanical equipment, fixtures, facets lawn irrigation systems from contaminating the municipal drinking water that is ultimately provided to you the end user.

It is recommended to have your backwater valve service and checked to ensure that it is in proper working order. We recommend that you keep service records.

Yes, testable backflow prevention devices must be tested annually by a qualified person to ensure that they are in proper working order and documentation must be maintained.

Anytime you are experiencing a backed up drain/clogged drain or a drain that you are noticing a reduction in performance such as slower draining.

A drain camera inspection would be able to provide you vital information about your drainage system, as well as what type of clog you may have.

Having knowledge of the type of clog that has occurred would assist in selecting the type of drainage equipment a qualified person would use to clear your drain.

Normally anytime you have a soft clog or drain line that has been identified as having grease build up.

We use specialized equipment that utilizes high pressure water to scrub and flush away all the accumulated build up of debris and grease.

Yes, the use of high pressure water to clear your sanitary and storm drains is safe. We believe that it is safer than using an electric snake.

Yes, it is highly recommended to view the inside of your drain pipes by use of a drain camera in order to verify that your drains have been cleaned thoroughly and to insure that there are no underlying issues that may cause a recurrence.

It would be a good idea to have drain mapping done prior to finishing your basement. This would help determine the location of your drainage system so we can identify the integrity of your piping.

We can provide a rough idea of cost of service over the phone but we would have to confirm on site.

Yes, we would request that you provide pictures of the faucet as well as any information about the faucet in question such as manufacture, model and age of faucet this would help us source out parts prior to visiting you and provide you with a price quotation for labour and material.

Yes we would gladly install owner supplied material, please note that we would only warranty labour as we can not warranty owner supplied material.

Our rates don’t change regardless of time of day or day of the week.

Yes we would be more than happy to assist you by phone conversation, in fact prefer to speak with all our customers by phone.

The only service that we will provide in the commercial, industrial or high rise builds is testing of backflow prevention devices and survey reports.

Yes, our business is set up to service residential homes only. For you’re in home plumbing and drainage service repairs. Our goal is to specialize in residential plumbing services as there is no project or repair that is too small to deal with.

No, we are capable of installing backflow prevention devices but prefer to only test and repair backflow preventer devices and submit test reports.

Yes, we provide plumbing and drain service to Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, North York, Toronto, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Aurora, and Oakville Ontario.